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Make your business or home safer

Here are Dial A Lock’s top tips to secure your home or business 

Burglaries in the UK have risen by 6% in the last 2 years as stated by CSEW (Crime Survey for England & Wales) and Police records. This shows it’s super important to make sure your home and business are safe from unwanted visitors. Dial A Lock have put together 6 top tips to make sure your home and business are more secure.

Tip 1.)

Routine inspections

Make sure you perform regular checks on your property to stop unwanted visitors from coming in.

Here are some areas we recommend checking:

? Are the external doors safe? Can you move the handle with force?

? Are the hinges protected?

? Is the letter slot damaged in any way?

? Is the key or the barrel worn? Does it need oiling?

? Are valuables out of sight?

? Can there be a gate to lock?

? Can you cut down shrubs and bushes?

*Make sure your front door has a peephole and a deadbolt.

Tip 2.)

Lock Windows

Make sure windows have key-operated levers to keep them locked. Not only is this a deterrent but it will make the windows safer. This has to happen on every floor of your house, not just the ground floor. It might be worth making sure hedges and fences are cut down so then unwanted visitors can’t climb higher to break in.

Tip 3.)

Security System installed

Having a security camera outside your residence is a huge deterrent. You need to evaluate your own needs, maybe you’ll want to install a fully working CCTV system or if money’s tight then dummy cameras can also deter burglars.  

You should consider alarms, motion sensors, cameras and signs.

Tip 4.)

Check your locks

Do they pass insurance standards?

When your insurance asks for the types of locks your house has, you’ll need to know to make sure you are covered for any break-ins. Confused.com has put this handy guide together for the main lock types.

Tip 5.)

Who are your neighbours?

Make a good effort to meet your neighbours, building up good relationships with them. Now, we’re not saying to invite them round every day for a coffee but if you have even the smallest relationship they’ll be more inclined to keep an eye out of the area.

Tip 6.)

Put up some lights.

Whether this is a motion light detector lights or solar lights lining the pathway and gardens edge, this can be a huge deterrent during the night.

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